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T & T Construction and Development are proud to announce and begin development of the Nevisian Sunset Condominium Development which is located in the upper Cotton Ground area of St. Thomas Parish, Nevis. 

Nevisian Sunset sits upon 4 acres of beautiful sloping foothill with one of the best views on the island.

The site commands beautiful un-encumbered views of the southern most tip of St. Kitts, the narrows, and the setting sun. 

The property will encompass the following:

  • 20 free standing housing structures with 60 units 
  • Each structure will contain two (2) individual two (2) bedroom units and one (1) one bedroom unit
  • All two bedroom units are equipped with en-suite bathrooms
  • All one bedroom units are equipped with an en-suite bathroom and half bath
  • Each unit has an open plan living/dining/kitchen area with the west master suite and living room open to the un-encumbered views offered by the site.
  • All units are equipped with a laundry room
  • Each structure will be aligned in a rough East/West orientation to capitalize on the view of St. Kitts, the narrows, and the setting sun.
  • A large pool area
  • A 30'x30' gym/office building
  • Two outdoor restrooms/changing facilities